Great time in Kanda, Tokyo: Erlounge

Yesterday (9/23) was a great day that Erlang workshop as a satellite of ICFP/ACM SIGPLAN international conference. Although I did not participated in the workshop, I joined the party because Francesco Cesarini and Ryosuke Nakai said me to join. Seeing living legends in Europe (indeed just community members in Western countries) was very exciting.
I was introduced by Kenji Rikitake (AKA @kenji_rikitake) as an author of MessagePack Erlang port - That made me think I should output more and more to the open source community and the Erlang/OTP community. Until this day I was thinking of stopping reading, writing and saying anything about Erlang/OTP because of baby sitting (many thanks to my wife for helping me work for community and study that does not make money to live along) and some my personal disgust about my work... But their activeness, amount of beers they drunk, the time when the party was finished, speaking English in a positive way and their positive attitude made me think positive to keep in touch with Erlang.
Don't ask permission. Ask for forgiveness.
All thanks to Erlangers who were in Kanda, Tokyo at 2011/9/23.
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