Use MessagePack/Erlang and write message queue in an hour

I wrote a toy software within an hour (and additional debug time), which is message queue server accessible from clients with many kind of languages: C, C++, Ruby, Java, Python and so on. Erezrdfh (pronounces "e-re' zerd f") is a simple, on-memory message queue with 9-nines availability of Erlang/OTP. It doesn't need particular client library but users can use MessagePack-RPC to write client in a minute. Ruby one-liner is as follows:
c = MessagePack::RPC::Client.new(host,port); c.call(:push, "name", "message"); c.call(:pop, "name);

and C++ code is like this:
msgpack::rpc::client c(host,port);
c.call("pop", "name", "message").get<bool>();
c.call("pop", "name").get<std::string>();

and Java code is like:
Client c = new Client(host,port);
c.callApply("push", new Object[]{"name","message"});
c.callApply("pop", new Object[]{"name"});

MessagePack is a software suite of serializer, RPC and IDL compiler. This is a great library due to its performance, simplicity and language diversity. Erlang is also a great software that promises scalability, simplicity and solidness. Why don't you miss these great technologies?

Its performance is also so great that I can't believe it is less than of 250 LOC. With my quad-core Phenom machine, load-generation tool and erezrdfh server running in one machine, its performance of push/pop was 20000 qps. Due to Erlang/OTP's scalability if you install on dedicated machine with more cores, erezrdfh will scale more. The source code includes basho_bench driver and just try it!