Japanese Postal System Reform

Japanese Postal System is now a target of reform of Japanese ECONOMIC SYSTEM. Monetary fund of about 350,000,000,000,000 Yen is now in the hand of Ministry of Postal Service (now emerged to Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications). Moreover, this reform is thought as a statue of fundamental reform of Japanese Govermental & Economic Reform. It seems foreign media and more people are watching this issue. This issue will also be a watershed of Japanese political system.

Japanese people expects a new era will come after "the Lost Decade" of 90's if on the next election the Koizumis win (He has perfectly made up such an atmosphere!! & Atmosphere is fatal factor in a situation of group decision), else, Japan will go back the old dark era of 90's.

PM Koizumi's aim is seemed as a filtering of anti-s, not resuming the reforming.