l10n of "CouchDB: the Definitive Guide"

Now I've started translation works inspired by one of my Japanese/pythonista/Erlang friend Voluntas. As he says "CouchDB rocks! smells! Smell of Money!", started reading the Definitive Guide. Andalso I'm interested in the internals of CouchDB. At first I started reading the source code but too complicated and I thought of reading external specs before surveying internals. It should be 'good' way. But just reading documents is not enough for non-native people like me because they skip and have less concentration. To avoid skipping sentences and to force concentrate on English, translating is a much better way, which another Japanese/pythonista shibukawa says (and he is also an evangelist of sphinx).
Moreover, I'm interested in it's data-scalability so now I'm translating the Part IV "Deploying CouchDB". It's difficult to translate the nuance of Erlangers/Pythonistas' (sometimes ironical) rhetorics. I'll show up as the translation grows up.

The license? The book draft is published under CC-3.0 Attribution 3.0 Unported. I believe in.