Imagine your life

We are living in a world of acceptance, diversity and mutual respect as long as our lives not being danger or threat. This is common sense, right?

Imagine a person who doesn't wear a cloth when in bed.

Imagine a person who walks barefoot.

Imagine a woman who loves women.

Imagine a man who loves men.

Imagine a car with five tires.

Imagine a person who lives in a tent.

Imagine a person who sleeps in one's car.

Imagine a person who drinks spaghetti meatball.


Now working for Basho

It has been more than two years since I posted an article here. Since then it has been long way to come here: now I am working for Basho with Erlang/OTP! I'm not language guru, or script kiddy but I really love working in functional language. Basho Japan was established in September 2012 and I am the first employee in Japan.

A lot has changed since then. I participated RICON 2012, which was very exciting and made me devote to distributed systems. Riak is still emerging in Japan but already No.1 commercial NoSQL database with solid technical support in Japan - yet other databases have share but with hard stories and no commercial support. I'll keep up myself not only dev, support, but also ... anyway stay tuned!