Japanese Postal System Reform

Japanese Postal System is now a target of reform of Japanese ECONOMIC SYSTEM. Monetary fund of about 350,000,000,000,000 Yen is now in the hand of Ministry of Postal Service (now emerged to Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications). Moreover, this reform is thought as a statue of fundamental reform of Japanese Govermental & Economic Reform. It seems foreign media and more people are watching this issue. This issue will also be a watershed of Japanese political system.

Japanese people expects a new era will come after "the Lost Decade" of 90's if on the next election the Koizumis win (He has perfectly made up such an atmosphere!! & Atmosphere is fatal factor in a situation of group decision), else, Japan will go back the old dark era of 90's.

PM Koizumi's aim is seemed as a filtering of anti-s, not resuming the reforming.


Terrorism: The Problem and Solution

It's a little bit strange, a little bit wrong but on the rest I agree.
So diplomacy is out, it just won't work and you can't force people to like you when your efforts to do so are perceived as an insult of the deepest nature.

That leaves the complete and utter destruction of their mindset through force and breaking down their false sense of superiority so that we may build them up again and teach them to create a world where they can be proud of themselves, while simultaneously respecting the right of other groups to be proud of themselves as well. That's what it comes down - tolerance. Until they stop thinking of themselves as being better, they cannot possibly live in peace with the world. We must break this pattern of thinking at the molecular level.

The solution is pretty difficult. Note what T.C.Schelling and J.M.Epstein said respectively.

U.N. to govern Internet?

What's the differnce between U.N. & U.S.? Just a letter? I rather wanna choose S(ignal) than N(oise). Or I'd admit it if only Japan have entered the Parmanent Member of Security Council.

Linux and Windows security neck and neck

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I know that security really matters for workers, but for Japanese bored students -even they're never concerned about security and have no important information in HDD- security never matters. Remember. They're just like kids.

Science of Sims-like societies

I'm just gonna code a program simulating such society(but much more simple one). Let's stay watchin'.

Next gen windows "Longhorn"

Snapshots of next gen. WindowsTM are published on Flexbeta(via /.article).

Seems things changed are few, just things in design or view from this
snapshot. I've expected it to change in some drastic or creative interface... Is the expectation to be throwed to the next next gen?


BBC: Japan stokes China sea dispute Japan stokes China sea dispute

Yeah, I know we really want oil and so do they. But I really know the problem of oil CANNOT be related to the problem of history. And I think China (and Korea) are too much exaggerating the damege of the war which finished 60 years ago.
Mr Liu also complained on Thursday about a controversial history textbook, which China says glosses over Japanese abuses during World War II.

I'll bet they've never read the textbook or they're ignoring contents in it even they've read it. Its contents, what it says and its nuance is very fair, even considering my favorable light as a Japanese. I know it can be a diplomatic card, but I want everyone the TRUTH its just a diplomatic card.

just a test